Dear Emmet, what’s the best way to pack my MOC?

By March 5, 2017Ask Emmet

Guest Fig Wyldstyle here! Emmet wasn’t really sure how to answer this question, so he asked me to step in.

So listen up AFOLs, packing your MOC is a very important part of making sure it travels without encountering any damage. In the first place, measure the base of your MOC. If it is built on a standard 32×32 baseplate, then the base measures 10″x10″. If it is built on two 32×32 baseplates, then the base measures 10″x20″, etc. You should be able to calculate the dimensions in inches for any combination of 32×32, 16×32, or 48×48 baseplates. 

Next find the right cardboard box for your MOC. A standard paper box is 11″x17″ so you’ll be able to put a 32×32 baseplate MOC in that box with plenty of room. But if you want a custom fit, visit The Container Store, Staples, Office Max, Menards, Lowes, Home Depot or even UHaul and you should be able to buy a 12″x12″ box for under a dollar. 12″x24″ will run between $2 and $3.  You can use any box at all as long as your MOC fits, but uniform and standard sized boxes stack on top of each other better.

Reforce the edges of your box with 2″ packing tape. This will help the box last longer after all it’s only cardboard.

If you ever get packages delivered, save the bubble wrap or air pocket cushions. After placing your MOC inside the box, use these to cushion the MOC so that he doesn’t slide around the box.

I find it helpful to take off figs and other decorations that might fall off the MOC during transport and keep them in a ziplock bag inside the MOC. There’s nothing worse that the sound of bricks crashing come from the inside of your MOC box during transport.

The final step is to label the box. Take a bold marker and be sure to put arrows on the box indicating which side is up (trust me, this will help). Put the name of your MOC and your name on all four sides of the box. During teardown, this will definitely help you know which boxes are yours!

Some AFOL’s will also use plastic storage tubs because they are more durable. But these don’t stack as nicely as uniform boxes. 

These are just a couple of ideas, be sure to choose the way to pack your MOC that works best for you.




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