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From next Tuesday 10th October to the 25th, VIP shoppers at in North America and Europe will receive this very cool 40178 Exclusive VIP Set with orders over $125 / £100 / 125€.

LEGO has kindly sent us one ahead of the offer so that we can bring you this review.

Surprisingly for such a big set, it’s packed in a polythene bag (not the usual ‘crispy’ material) with several bags inside it.

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The model itself consists of two parts: a mini-vignette of a brand store and a brick-built representation of a VIP card

The shop part of it is built on a 8×10 area into which an incredible amount of detail and realistic features have been crammed: the pick-a-brick wall, shelves full of stock, including ‘tat’ at the back (the mug), counter and till, brick pit and an Ollie sclupture that has been cleverly integrated into the side wall.

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His head peers into the shop while his wings and tail can be seen behind the wall.

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With shop fittings removed you can see the wonderfully detailed stickers on representing box fronts, including the Ghostbusters Headquarters and Creator, City, Duplo and Friends sets.

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The minifigure has a unique torso and I’m sorry to say that I didn’t take a photo of it and can’t now as I’ve had to pack my photography studio away for a week or so while renovations are being done at Brickset Towers.

However, here’s a picture of the torso from the inventory: a black polo shirt with LEGO name badge on the chest.

The other part of the model is the VIP card. It connects to the shop by way of two Technic pins on the side.The all-red minifigure will be of interest to monofig collectors.

The new 1×1 quarter-circle tiles are an excellent piece which thankfully are becoming more prevalent now: this set provides white and red ones.

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Not much to see round the back.

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The set consists of two disparate parts which are both great but which don’t really go together. Connected as instructed, I think it looks a bit odd.

The shop is packed with details that will be recognisable to anyone that’s been in a brand store. So much has been crammed into a small space, which is quite an achievement. I really like the way that Ollie the dragon makes use of space outside the box.

The VIP card is cool but, as I say, looks a bit strange attached to the side of the shop. I guess the designer had to do something with it. Still, it’s easily removed.

Free LEGO bricks that connect to make a neat model… what’s not to like? We’ll remind you to place an order on Tuesday.

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Thanks to the LEGO VIP team for providing this set for review. The review is an expression of my own opinions.

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