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So, you managed to secure a 75192 Millennium Falcon on the day of its release, you spent the best part of 24 hours building it, then admired its amazing details and been awed by its sheer heft and size. Now what are you going to to with it?

I suspect that’s something many of you are wondering. One thing you won’t want to do is to let it get dusty and manky, given the cost of it and the time you’ve spent building it.

What are the options? Mounting it in a coffee table seems to be a popular choice, if you can find one that it fits in and which you have room for in your house. An acrylic case is another, so with this in mind I bring you this review of Pure Display‘s case that’s custom made for the model.

I’m sure you don’t need reminding but the Falcon is massive: 84 x 56 cm and 21 cm high. This case is thus also huge, measuring 90 x 65 x 30cm.

It’s delivered flat-packed in a huge box, well bubble wrapped. In fact, if you’re short of bubble wrap for protecting models for transportation to displays you won’t be after buying this!

Once you’ve done battle with the bubble wrap, you’ll find six 3mm acrylic sheets, a bag of screws and an instruction sheet. The sheets are covered with a protective film that needs to be removed before construction.

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Everything needed to assemble it supplied, including an Allen key for the screws.

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Assembly is straightforward: the sides are fitted with inserts into which the bolts are screwed to hold the sides and top together.

If you’re fussy about fingerprints you might want to wear latex gloves while building it because, while it’s not a ‘fingerprint magnet’ it’s inevitable that you’ll get some on it during construction otherwise.

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The sides are not fixed the base, they are held into position by grooves in the base and corresponding tongues in the sides.

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Here is it partially assembled, with the four sides joined together.

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The top is held on with 12 screws. Overall I think assembly took about 30 minutes.

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It’s a good job the sides are not attached to the base because that allows the top to be removed and the Falcon to be placed inside.

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There’s plenty of room around the sides and top of the model, and once inside it’s well protected from dust and dirt.

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I haven’t mentioned the price yet. In the UK, it’s £156 including postage and VAT, which is not cheap by any means. However this is a quality precision made product, and given you’ve just spent out £650 for the Falcon I think it’s worth spending out a bit more to keep it in pristine condition.

It can be shipped worldwide, and buyers outside the EU can purchase it excluding VAT but with higher postage costs.


The case is sturdy, extremely well made, easy to assemble, and the model looks great inside it. It’s just the job for keeping it clean and — perhaps equally importantly in some households — out of the reach of curious little fingers.

I can see that you might be put off by the cost, but given its quality and the alternative of having the model go to ruin, I would say it’s a good buy if you intend to display the model for any length of time.

Yon can purchase it from from Pure Display’s website, where you’ll also find a large range of smaller cases for other models. Just make sure you have enough space for it first!

Oh, and before anyone asks, no it can’t be used a coffee table…

Thanks to Pure Display for providing the case for review. The review is an expression of my own opinions.

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