LeBrick Wear & Play T-shirt on KickStarter

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A new LEGO-related project has just launched on Kickstarter: LEGO Wear & Play T-shirt by LeBrick.

It’s brought to you by the team behind the Artifex Creation YouTube channel, and essentially it’s a T-Shirt with a transparent pocket on the chest into which an 8×8 plate, minifigure, or other LEGO parts can be inserted, thus allowing you to wear your creations and have them on display wherever you go.

Various rewards are available, starting at $25 for a T-Shirt, right up to $129, which will provide you with two shirts and a whole host of things to put in the pockets, including monochrome minifigures.

If this sounds like something you’d wear, pledge your support, or see the full range of rewards after the break.

Pledge your support on Kickstarter today. The project needs to reach its funding goal by 10th November.

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