Dimensions to end a year early

By October 19, 2017Brick News, Brickset
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An article published by Eurogamer yesterday claims that “Toys-to-life franchise Lego Dimensions has drawn to a close, a year earlier than originally planned.

“Publisher Warner Bros. is yet to officially confirm the cancellation, [but] sources close to the company have told Eurogamer the series is no more.”

Its demise has long been rumoured but now it seems the writing is definitely on the wall despite WB not officially confirming it. After all, why would they: Christmas is just round the corner and there’s a load of stock on the shelves still to shift.

The EuroGamer article goes into some detail about the difficulties TT Games faced in developing and bringing it to market over the product’s lifecycle and is an interesting read.

Do you have any theories as to why it’s failed? Will you miss it?

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