By October 21, 2017Brick News

Bringing the world of Bob the Builder™ to life, LEGO® DUPLO® introduces a number of constructible sets. With dreams of building his own new town on the other side of the mountain, Bob and his friends face a series of new challenges in 2007!

It’s all work and no play for Lift & Load Sumsy™. With help from Bob and the team, the trusty fork lift truck picks up the DUPLO® bricks to get the work done!

Make way for Scrambler™ & Dizzy™ at Bob’s Workshop. “Sunflower Valley Rocks!” When Bob needs to go off-roading, streetwise Scrambler™ bounces into action. While he enjoys racing, Dizzy™ the Cement Mixer is far too busy chatting, giggling and listening to pop music. The youngest and most excitable machine in the yard, Dizzy spins into action with plenty of time to move onto “brilliant” things!

From August, picking and packing is a doddle for friendly Packer™ the Delivery Truck. ‘Well, we’d better get started team!’ Trusty sidekick, Wendy™ is on hand to organise the worksite while Muck™ the Digger Dumper gets messy digging, shifting and cleaning soil.

Aimed at children aged 2-5 years DUPLO® Bob the Builder™ not only gives youngsters the opportunity to embark on creative play with their favourite characters but encourages social skills development through role play and logic skills through awareness of action and reaction. Sets are available from Toys R Us and all good toy retailers.

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