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We take a look at a wide range of books here at BricksFanz and we are always on the look at for new titles, on a recent search for the latest LEGO® titles we stumbled upon a series of books called Build It! by Graphic Arts, as well as a handful of titles already published there are a trio of new titles due early next year and a few other titles publishing next month. Graphic Arts were kind enough to send over five of these currently available titles for us to take a look at that. These includes Vol 1, World Landmarks plus Things That Float, Fly and Go. So let’s take a closer look.

Product Description

This series of visually rich instruction books for LEGO® creations is perfect for children ages 5 and up. Inside you’ll find a range of creative models to put together–from animals to airplanes, street scenes to seascapes and much more, created using the LEGO Classic set 10693, or bricks you already have at home. Each book in this interactive series contains 3-5 “dioramas” featuring a diverse range of models. Full color, step-by-step diagrams guide you through the process, enhancing the fun.

  • Book Title: Build It Range
  • Publisher: Graphic Arts
  • Pages: Various
  • RRP: £12.19
  • ISBN: Vol 1: 9781943328802 | Landmarks: 9781943328833 | Float: 9781513260556 | Go: 9781513260587 | Fly: 9781513260525
  • Availability: online

The Books

The Build It! books range is written by London-based author Jennifer Kemmeter and they each offer a selection of simple instructions to create a number of builds. The books we received are all in paperback format but most are also available as eBooks. The instructional models and build steps have all been created using Bricklink’s digital build platform Although element numbers aren’t included most books seem to use LEGO bricks included in the LEGO Classic sets, although any LEGO bricks can be used.

Build It! Vol 1

Build It! Vol 1 is the most generic of the five books we have been looking at, it features instructions to build a range of different builds including creatures, building and vehicles. Most of these builds are quite simple and honestly some are a little strange looking but they are some fun ideas in there. Available now on Amazon

Build It! World Landmarks

Building are one of the popular aspects of LEGO and also the main focus of Build It! World Landmarks. Compared to the other titles, build with in this book are a little more involved and detailed. Because of that there are less models instructions included. Models are based on real world buildings or monuments and although you can tell what they are odd colour choices of the elements used make them look a little odd. Available now from Amazon

Build It! Things That Float

Things That Float covers all the things that well float, these include boats, canoes, ships and the like. These includes a lot of quite fun builds some of which can be used with minifigures. Again builds air more on the simple side, which is great for younger builders. Available now on Amazon

Build It! Things That Go

Things That Go, covers mainly wheeled based vehicles such as cars, trucks and trains. Again there are some fun ideas included in these book, although some of them are a little samey and others do look a little odd. Still builds are easy to follows and presented well. Available now on Amazon

Build It! Things That Fly

Finally Things That Fly, offers you builds of the winged variety. This has the strangest looking line-up of builds, although it’s great a simple range of sets such as the LEGO Classic line has been used for the elements, this does offer some limitations which are a little more evident with these models.

Available now on Amazon


The Build It! books are a fun addition to the wider range of LEGO titles, although they are a little simpler compared to books from DK and No Starch Press, they still offer some great little builds that will surely inspire younger builders. It’s often difficult to decipher what elements you need to recreate some of the builds featured in various LEGO books, so it’s great that elements have only been used from the Classic range, but this also has it’s limitations. But the essence of LEGO is to be creative, so you can also use whatever bricks you have to hand as well as using the instructions in each books as the basis to create your own designs. The instructions are well presented thanks to the use of and there are a few images of physical LEGO bricks for some of the completed models.

The Build It! range is available now from Amazon and you’ll be able to discover even more books later this year and early next year including Build It! Farm Animals, Build It! Sea Life, Build It! Trains, Build It! Robots and Build It! Dinosaurs. Thanks to Graphic Arts for sending us these books to take a closer look at. You can find out more about their range of books including the Build It! range right here.

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